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A boutique M&A firm with true international reach
Exceptional Research Capability
An exhaustive search globally to research and identify strategic buyers and financial sponsors
Strong Financial Analytics
World-class financial modelling & analytics - a strong platform for exit strategies
Access To World’s Largest Companies
Conversations & opportunities with key ‘C-Suite’ and UHNW decision makers
Experienced International Team
Over two decades experience of global deal experience across Europe, APAC, and the Americas
Highly Experienced Negotiation
Seasoned deal-making experience focused on win-win outcomes
Expert Strategic Guidance
Executive experience from global PLC & large cap through to mid-cap and SME’s
Clients choose to work with us because of our knowledge, research capability and passion for achieving outstanding results!
Justin Levine, Managing Director


Strong focus on sell-side advisory, deal-sourcing and execution
T minus 2-5 years

Specialist advisory support for private business owners aimed at creating maximum value for an eventual exit, Ongoing bespoke programme and support helps shape and execute growth and exit strategies.

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T minus 1-2 years

In-depth action plan using CF data analysis providing a comprehensive ‘go-to-market’ strategy. Benchmarking against main competitors, valuation guide, exit options, identifies typical buyers.

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T minus 1 year

A comprehensive company sale service from initial instruction through to completed sale. High-level corporate finance support, strong research facility combined with exceptionally experienced sales ability at CEO level.

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Delivered a first-class result selling my company!
Bob Watts, Dorset Orthopaedic


Boutique, attentive and experienced virtual team
Based in UK
  • Drives sell-side process from initial instruction to heads-of-terms, due diligence and closing
  • Strong in high-level, consultative sales at CEO / UHNW level
  • Upholds quality, professionalism, discretion
Based in India
 Team of 10 Analysts
  • Corporate finance team – ‘quants’
  • Financial & strategic target profiling
  • In-depth analysis and modeling of data
Based in India
Team of 4 Researchers
  • Exhaustive research to identify strategic & financial buyers
  • Primary research – profiling target buyers, C-Suite executives & shareholders
  • International research incl. Europe, Asia Pacific, UK, Scandinavia, Americas, Canada & Middle East
Based in UK & Slovakia
Team of 6 Experts
  • Highly experienced Director-led
  • Graphic and digital design of highly professional Information Memorandums
  • World-class presentation of client business
Delivered real value to the selling shareholders by increasing, significantly, the price the buyer was prepared to pay for the business.
Nick Davies, Corporate Partner, Steele Raymond LLP


Highly discrete, we handle confidential projects on a global stage
Deal value advised on £M
Number of deals in play
Av. hrs forensic research per client
Av. countries outreached
Av. number of target buyers per client
Thank you - it’s been a tough 18 months since we first met, couldn’t have done this without you!
David Chanin, Managing Director, Matara UK Limited


Market data & company insight
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