We provide advisory services to a small number of private business owners wishing to groom a business in readiness for an exit.

Our advisory team is led by our MD Justin Levine, supported where required by our research and analytics team.

Unlike our ‘Roadmap’ which provides a specific, detailed, and concrete plan based on a consultant-led analytical process, our advisory service can be tailored to one-off ad-hoc support through to an ongoing engagement based on monthly on-site (or virtual) meetings.

Our advisory service is suited to business owners who simply wish to leverage our know-how in bringing a company to a successful exit.

Whilst often very successful as business leaders and entrepreneurs, many of our clients have little or no experience of what is required to sell a company.  A company can be highly profitable and well-established, and at the same time can be wholly unprepared for the level of scrutiny conducted by a buyer.

Issues discovered during due diligence can result in a lowered offer or even an aborted sale.  Considerable monies will have been spent – which can be extremely costly for the seller if the result is a chipped-price or failed deal.

Over the past decade, we have worked with various clients to support them vastly improving areas such as management information systems, intellectual property ownership, accounting policy, legal contracts, management succession, legal structure, balance sheet and tax optimisation. 

Where required, we will recommend experienced legal and tax support for specialist interventions.

Much of our advisory work comes from bank & legal referral – professional advisors assisting their clients on business improvement and/or getting ready to sell.

Highly professional and bespoke – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend if you are looking to maximise shareholder value as you look to exit your business.

Senior Commercial Manager, NatWest Commercial Banking

Some of these client companies have gone on to highly successful exits, and some have benefited simply through having a more efficient and focused business that is operationally, commercially and legally clean.

We are very selective in the type of client we engage with – simply because of the ongoing workload in our M&A sell-side services.  However, if we feel it can support the network of professional relationships we enjoy across the banking and finance world, we will generally consider any serious project where we can add value.