We specialise in the sale of privately-owned companies with revenues from £5M to £100M.

Selling a company is usually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We make it happen.

Our clients engage us to identify buyers and to confidentially manage the sale process through to a successful transaction. Where required, we engage several years upstream of an exit, guiding the business, shareholders and executive team towards a successful company sale.

We have built a strong network within the banking and professional services world such that client work is generated mainly by referral.

Great communication and clearly focused on the best possible outcome for our mutual client.

Grant Esterhuizen, Partner, Lester Aldridge LLP

Most of our deals remain confidential and we rarely aim to capitalise on ‘deal-promotion.’

We have operated across a wide range of industry sectors and markets. We provide quick and transparent feedback when we can add value, and when we cannot. Hence, we only take on clients where we have strong confidence in reaching a successful outcome.

By thinking strategically about our client’s business and carefully matching a buyer with a seller, we create the optimum conditions for a successful deal.

A first class M&A team, highly recommended. You will not find better or a nicer team to work with.

Bill Cody, Chairman, Challenge Group

The company was founded by Justin & Caroline Levine originally in 2005. Based from France, the company relocated to the UK and we have been actively leading M&A deals here in the UK since 2011.

Justin brought two decades of experience of executive leadership within blue-chip organisations. Caroline was a seasoned entrepreneur having co-developed one of the UK’s largest event management companies from scratch.

With ‘business’ running through the family vein, the company has grown to encompass a 20+ team based globally with a singular focus to deliver the very best client experience.

Having grown our reputation far and wide, we aim to remain a small but highly capable M&A boutique.

To date, we have delivered successful deals in South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, China, France, Germany, UK and Ireland.

Great job. Not the easiest time for either side to do a deal. But your straightforward approach helped a lot – thank you!

Mark Dixon, CEO, Rubix Group

To see if we are a good fit for your company sale, simply contact us for a confidential appraisal or use the form below.