A comprehensive exit roadmap

For client’s wishing to prepare, or groom, the business in readiness for a company sale, we provide a detailed roadmap that comprises a data-driven strategic plan that provides the ‘blueprint’ for exit.

Our Strategy Blueprint© provides the ideal foundation for setting out ‘where the company is’ and ‘where it needs to get to’ – in detail. It forms the agreed action plan between shareholders and executive team in driving through any change, improvement, or housekeeping necessary for a successful exit.

Strategy Blueprint©

This is a consultancy-led service that is driven by an exhaustive data-driven business review of the company and its competitive environment.

It comprises of a 2 – 5 days consultant-led review of the business followed by an interactive workshop some weeks later to present our findings and to formulate the exit roadmap in detail.

TheNonExec Advisory - Strategy Blueprint©

We extract and assess data across a wide range of metrics to understand the key profit and value drivers across all product and service groups. 

We use this data to assess what changes may be required to increase shareholder value and to strategically orient the company in a way that a potential buyer will value.

We complement this with competitive benchmarking across various financial indices together with indicative valuations based on executing new strategies.

Our focus is to help our clients’ deliver a quantum change in results. 

We have an outstanding record of delivering value.