Our Strategy Blueprint© allows business owners to analyse ‘where the business currently is’ and to help shape ‘where the company needs to get to.’

This is an exhaustive data-driven business review that analyses the company performance at a granular level.  We extract and assess data across a wide range of metrics to understand the key profit and value drivers across all product and service groups.  We use this data to assess what changes may be required to increase shareholder value and to strategically orient the company in a way that a potential buyer will value. We complement this with competitive benchmarking across various financial indices together with indicative valuations based on executing new strategies.

The Strategy Blueprint© is a detailed business review that provides an objective standpoint on:

  • What is your company currently worth?
  • What specific improvements would be required to enhance the business value?
  • What could your company be worth in the future?

The review combines site visit(s) to extract data, extensive desk research by our analysts followed by forensic analysis and conclusions.  The results are presented to you with a formal presentation followed by a detailed report.  Only those individuals are consulted that are appropriate to the level of confidentiality required.

The Strategy Blueprint© initial focus is on the core business elements that need to be aligned to achieve maximum shareholder value:

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Deep-dive analysis

  • Strategy & business planning
  • Profit & loss, management systems & KPI’s
  • Management & team incentivisation
  • Intellectual property, process & planning
  • Information technology
  • Systems, quality & process

Competitive benchmarking

Company owners rarely compare their business financial metrics against the market.  It pays to be informed and to understand where value can be created or unleashed.  Hence, we benchmark the company against competing companies looking at comparable indices such as:

  • Revenue & growth rates
  • Gross margin
  • Sales, general & administrative overhead
  • Net asset value

Valuation models

We develop a financial model that demonstrates how our recommendations can increase shareholder value.  We use the most appropriate valuation methodology, whether it be EBITDA or revenue multiples, discounted cashflows or asset valuation.


Once we have our initial conclusions from the data analysis, we host a workshop to present and discuss our findings. The goal is to facilitate a collaborative discussion to lay down the foundations for future strategy.

Working together with our client, we combine each level of analysis to develop and refine the Strategy Blueprint© that acts as a guide on how to develop maximum shareholder value.

The Strategy Blueprint© can be used as an independent guide for shareholders and management to execute growth strategies, or used in collaboration with our ongoing Advisory Services.