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M&A Deconstructed - Completion Accounts or Locked Box?
October 2021

Completion Accounts vs Locked Box

We explore the differences and merits of completion accounts vs locked box mechanisms in a company sale. >>

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M&A Deconstructed - Equity Share vs Asset Sale?
August 2021

Equity Share vs Asset Sale

Today in M&A Deconstructed we explore the pros and cons of an Equity Share company sale vs and asset sale. >>

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Introducing M&A Decontructed - What are Heads of Terms
July 2021

What are Heads of Terms?

In this episode of M&A Deconstructed we explore Heads of Terms: How heads are drafted and how they ultimately guides the M&A process.

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Introduction to - M&A Deconstructed Video Series 1
June 2021

Introducing M&A Deconstructed

Nick Davies and Justin Levine introduce themselves and the M&A Deconstructed video series that aims to demystify mergers & acquisitions >>

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Sale of Hyphose to R&G Acquisitions - DEC 2018
December 2018

Sale of Hyphose To R&G Acquisitions

As we close for the Christmas period, we are delighted to have acted for the shareholders in this week’s sale…

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TheNonExec, Boutique M&A, sale of Challenge Group to Megadyne
August 2018

Sale Of Challenge Group to Megadyne s.p.a

Justin Levine, TheNonExec, acts as Corporate Finance lead to secure sale of Challenge Group Limited. We are pleased to have acted for Hong-Kong based >>

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