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Launching New Video Series

Buying or selling a business is a highly complex and detailed undertaking and is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event. We know that for many people it can feel like there’s a mountain to climb.

With this in mind we have produced a series of conversations with M&A Legal Specialist, Nick Davies, Partner at Steele Raymond LLP

In this exclusive new video series we demystify the process, debunk the terminology and outline the detail you will need to know if you are considering an exit.

Our aim is to give tips and pointers for those business owners who may be new to the process. Learn how to sidestep the dangers, navigate the ups and downs, and reach your ultimate goal.

In the “M&A Deconstructed” 6 part new video series, we will cover:

  1. Introduction to Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  2. What is EBITDA?
  3. What are Heads of Terms?
  4. Equity Share vs Asset Sale?
  5. Completion Accounts vs Locked Box?
  6. What is Due Diligence?

Discover just what it takes to get a transaction across the line.

Interested? Just register to watch here.

Or contact us here to discuss your forthcoming business exit.

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