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M&A Seminar 2018 at Steele Raymond

Good to take an evening out of what was a busy week to pop along to Steele Raymond LLP in Bournemouth for M&A Seminar 2018.

Hosted together with Nick Davies, Commercial Partner of Steele Raymond LLP, we kept the audience entertained (!) with a behind-the-scenes view on the world of selling companies.  With Steele Raymond LLP having closed over £100M of transactions in 2018 followed by TheNonExec with £35M deals (so far) this year, we were able to share some of the key dos and don’ts of selling companies.

The evening commenced with the audience having to calculate some real-life valuations, with the top 3 closest winning a bottle of champagne.  Needless to say, the real-life valuations proved to elicit quite a wide spectrum of guesses – even from industry professionals.  The message was simple – industry sectors carry differing valuations, and that competition between bidders can create a considerable upside!

With various topics discussed, we closed on discussing the fees in selling a company together with (hopefully) objective feedback on selecting professional advisors.

An enjoyable evening – thanks to the various companies and individuals who came along!

Justin Levine
Justin Levine, M&A Consultant