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New Ways of Working During Lockdown and M&A

Over the past few months, since March 2020, many companies have been forced to pivot business models and re-invent how they work. This shift how they operate has set imaginations on fire and enabled many to experience a mini-revolution in the workplace. Many believe that we will never be the same again.

Remote working has forced us to get smart and get comfortable in using collaborative software. Familiarisation of Zoom and Microsoft Teams as the go-to conferencing tools has accelerated alongside this necessary enforced remote working. Companies have scrambled to provide their workers with a secure, virtual back up and improved how teams communicate and collaborate.

Post COVID-19, M&A is starting to see interest in strategic acquisitions that will help companies get ahead quicker. Atlassian acquiring Halp is a great example of this. Atlassian Corporation Plc is an Australian enterprise software multinational that develops products for software development, project management, and content management. It is best known for its issue tracking application Jira, and its team collaboration and wiki product Confluence. Halp allows enterprises to integrate help desk ticketing, workflow customisation and employee support services for messaging platforms.

Halp represents a new class of applications that are fundamentally changing how teams work. As real-time messaging becomes more prevalent in the workplace, companies are looking for solutions that are embedded within the team messaging tools they’ve already invested in.

Halp is on a mission to make the world’s best messaging-native app for handling requests between teams. Messaging apps have already advanced the way teams work, and enhancements like Halp boost productivity even further. Internal operations teams at Adobe, Home Depot, GitHub, Slack, ClassPass, and thousands more use Halp every day. The deal will offer a better way to handle questions and requests, using the tools customers already have.

Halp turns Slack into an internal help desk solution that works for any team that fields questions via workplace messaging – like IT, Security, Legal, Finance, and Support. Once Halp is added to a Slack workspace, users can employ a simple emoji reaction to turn any message into a ticket that tracks the progress and outcomes of inbound requests. It’s an easy, lightweight way to manage requests that gives users the option to configure a custom workflow underneath it, or simply use the default. Either way, Halp ensures requests are routed correctly and facilitates prompt resolution.

Both Atlssian and Halp see enormous opportunities in building the business together.

For company sales it is more important now than ever to look at value of a strategic fit. We are currently supporting various strategic searches for buy -side acquisitions searching to augment value with a proven model that dovetails into their current offer(s). For our sell-side projects, we are looking to present companies to potential buyers who will benefit from ready-made economies of scale through such an acquisition.

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