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M&A Deconstructed - Completion Accounts or Locked Box?
October 2021

Completion Accounts vs Locked Box

We explore the differences and merits of completion accounts vs locked box mechanisms in a company sale. >>

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M&A Deconstructed - What is Due Diligence?
September 2021

What is Due Diligence?

What exactly is Due Diligence and why is it so important to the mergers and acquisitions process?

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M&A Deconstructed - Equity Share vs Asset Sale?
August 2021

Equity Share vs Asset Sale

Today in M&A Deconstructed we explore the pros and cons of an Equity Share company sale vs and asset sale. >>

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Introducing M&A Decontructed - What are Heads of Terms
July 2021

What are Heads of Terms?

In this episode of M&A Deconstructed we explore Heads of Terms: How heads are drafted and how they ultimately guides the M&A process.

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Introduction to - M&A Deconstructed Video Series 1
June 2021

Introducing M&A Deconstructed

Nick Davies and Justin Levine introduce themselves and the M&A Deconstructed video series that aims to demystify mergers & acquisitions >>

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Preparing a Business for Sale - What you need to know
January 2021


Selling a business will probably be the biggest transaction of your life, so make it count! Read what’s involved here >>

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