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3 Tips To Maximise Exit Value when selling a business
May 2022

Tips to MAXIMISE Exit Value

Are you a shareholder considering selling your business? Then exit value should be on your Board agenda >>

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Introducing M&A Decontructed - What are Heads of Terms
July 2021

What are Heads of Terms?

In this episode of M&A Deconstructed we explore Heads of Terms: How heads are drafted and how they ultimately guides the M&A process.

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M&A Deconstructed - What is EBITDA?
July 2021

What is EBITDA?

We take a closer look at EBITDA and what it means in the M&A process from a legal and corporate finance perspective >>

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Introduction to - M&A Deconstructed Video Series 1
June 2021

Introducing M&A Deconstructed

Nick Davies and Justin Levine introduce themselves and the M&A Deconstructed video series that aims to demystify mergers & acquisitions >>

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Preparing a Business for Sale - What you need to know
January 2021


Selling a business will probably be the biggest transaction of your life, so make it count! Read what’s involved here >>

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TheNonExec Prepare your Company for sale
May 2019

How best to prepare your company for sale?

You may have heard of the 5P’s? This critical performance mantra was originally known as the 7 x P’s and…

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