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TheNonExec Prepare your Company for sale
May 2019

How best to prepare your company for sale?

You may have heard of the 5P’s? This critical performance mantra was originally known as the 7 x P’s and…

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TheNonExec Percentage of MandA deals condutcted by auction
April 2019

Global trends in private M&A

Here at TheNonExec we handle 2 – 4 transactions per year, so whilst we have a reasonable view on the…

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TheNonExec Technology MandA legal considerations
March 2019

Technology M&A legal considerations

There are key laws and regulations implicated in technology M&A transactions that may not be relevant to other types of…

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Creating Pre and Post Deal Value
March 2019

Creating Pre- and Post-Deal Value

How do we go about creating Pre- and Post-Deal Value? TheNonExec has a natural interest to see companies that we…

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